Consumer Valued Content (CVC) is a new Business Category created and kinged by TheMachine. It isn’t Branded Content, it isn't Viral Videos. It’s not User Generated Content or Half-Hour Comedies, Feature Length Films, Documentaries or Short-Form. CVC is all of these, strategically combined and thoughtfully distributed. 

Consumer Valued Content is Content, of Premium Quality, of any length, type, genre and variety, Valued intrinsically by and distributed, for free, directly to a Brand's target Consumer.

Consumer Valued Content is content that is designed specifically with a Brand's target Consumer in mind:  

1.) TheMachine works with Brand Partners to identify viewership trends of the Brand's target Consumer.

2.) TheMachine identifies the type of Content most relevant to the Brand's target Consumer.

3.) Based on the above, TheMachine works with the Brand to create a custom Content Campaign.

4.) Depending on the specific needs of the Brand's target Consumer, different gears within TheMachine are engaged to create, execute and distribute a custom Consumer Valued Content Campaign.

5.) Data from the CVC Campaign is gathered and a report is generated for review by the Brand in the CVC Campaign's post-mortem.

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